In north Texas, there are 17 different Senior Care Centers. Within these 17 facilities, Senior Care Centers offers a variety of lifestyle options, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Care and Rehabilitation. Senior Care Center recognizes that each of our patients has different needs and each patient situation is unique. Independent living facilities offer each resident a completely independent lifestyle while providing dining services and other amenities. The benefits of relocating to an independent living facility are the companionship of having other like-minded residents at the same facility. Our patients enjoy the security of living in our facilities and the services and amenities that come with the on-sight residency. We also offer Assisted Living which still encourages our patients to live an independent life style with the same amenities and services, but these facilities are staffed with people that can assist with activities or daily living, ADL’s. Our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation facilities are ideal for patients that need transitional rehabilitation care from hospital to home or for more serious long term care. These facilities are fully staffed with health care professionals that are on sight to attend to each and every need of our patients. We also offer facilities that meet the needs of our patients that suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. The staff at all of our facilities treat our patients with compassion and loving care.

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